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Perfect Waves

Math is taught using Right Start Mathematics. The AL Abacus helps students to see the patterns in numbers. With clearly outlined objectives, lessons are designed and structured to promote a deeper understanding of concepts. Activities, games, and hands-on manipulatives help by giving kids multiple opportunities to engage with the material being taught. You can learn more about this program at

Writer's Workshop

This class is presented in the form of journal entries, paragraph development, and the exploration of the creative processes of writing. Students are encouraged to think of writing as a tool for communication that is both artistic and expressive. We will work through the writing process from brainstorming ideas to presentation. We will cover topic sentences, thesis statements, outlines, paragraphs, drafting, editing, and final products. Students will build confidence in their ability to write well-formed essays on a variety of topics including expository research, personal narrative, compare and contrast, descriptions, and more.


In Science, we will connect real-world events to our explorations of topics. Using methods of scientific inquiry, students are challenged to ask questions! They gather data, test hypotheses, and make conclusions. Each month we will work in an individual discipline; Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Space. Students will learn why science is important and also see themselves as scientists. They will have opportunities for hands-on learning, experimentation and collaboration with peers. 

Social Studies

Welcome to Passport to Fun! 
Each month we will travel to a new continent. Beginning in September with Europe, students will visit a new country each week. In October, we go to Australia. November and December? Asia and Africa! We will discover cultures, geographies, foods, religions, and languages! These visits will be fast and furious with the aim of sparking imagination and interest in the broader world. 


Kate Otte, with Treehouse Art, comes in each week. With 10 years with the Dawson School under her belt, she brings unparalleled expertise in not only artistic technique but also a unique and engaging way of working with kids. She masterfully constructs lessons to teach the fundamentals of art. Kate has been working with North Star Microschool for two years and each week she brings in something new. From holographic printing and fractal design to clay work and collage, Kate's talents are a true gift to our program.


Come learn basic Spanish grammar, phrases, vocabulary, verb tenses, and cultural customs of Latin American Spanish. Fran uses La Classe Divertida curriculum as well as her own materials to provide a fun and comprehensive class!

Field Trips

We devote one day per week for field trips. The schedule varies and is sometimes weather-dependent. We visit Denver frequently and go to the Children's Museum, the Museum of Nature and Science, the Aquarium as well other lOngmont as other family-friendly places. More locally, we visit my horse Blue at Gracelynned Farm in Fort Lupton, and make regular trips to the library and Get Air Trampoline Park.

Socio-emotional Learning

At Nalu, we strive to promote positive peer interactions knowing that socialization is a number one priority for homeschooling families. We allow time at every class meeting for children to socialize. Through supportive coaching, students are encouraged to develop social skills through positive feedback and developing awareness of one’s own feelings in the present moment. In an academic setting, these skills come into play by being able to communicate effectively with others, work in groups and control impulses. Conflicts are worked through constructively using active listening and "I" messages. Emotions play a key role in child development, therefore, we aim to allow children to feel and discuss their emotions in a safe, nurturing environment. Parents are always included and informed about their child's emotional well-being at school, often playing crucial roles in these conversations.

socio-emotional awareness
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